Usability Research doesn't have to be expensive

MelioraLabs provides à la carte usability research facilities and services in NYC. From renting the lab to full service research design and analysis, you decide how much help you need.

How It Works

  1. Pick how many sessions you want (min. 5).
  2. Pick which services you want.
  3. Do math.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MelioraLabs located?

We work out of a variety of coworking spaces, which means we can provide the location most convenient for you. A lack of physical space also helps keep costs low, a savings which we pass on to you.

What does renting the lab entail?

Because we work out of coworking spaces, you won't have a completely private experience. We rent 2-5 person private offices (depending on the facility) to run study sessions. Labs will be equipped with chairs, a desk/table, at least two cameras (one for the screen, one for the room/user), and various mounting options for those cameras. An attendant will be at the lab/in the coworking space during your reservation in case you have issues.

Lab sessions are for one hour (60 minutes). If you're running your own study and require more than that per participant, you'll need to book additional sessions.

Why do costs like design and analysis (a one-time activity) scale with participants?

It's true that you only have to do the design and analysis once, but both of those get more complicated with larger studies (especially the analysis). By pricing based on size (instead of a flat fee), it allows us to take the time needed to make sure everything is covered. Don't like it? We'd love to hear your feedback.

How do I book my times?

Right now, manually (email). Eventually, something like Calendly.

How do I get my materials (videos, reports, etc)?

Ditto; right now manually (probably Google Drive), but eventually we'll automate the whole process.

Why are you doing this?

Our mission is to make usability more accessible and get more companies integrating research into their product development process. We've seen dozens of companies roll out products that fall flat on their face, and a little usability research here and there could've helped avoid those pitfalls.

Are there any discounts available (e.g. for startups)?

Frankly, not really. This is already the cheapest option by far, and the base price is just enough to cover materials (office space, cameras, storage, etc), so if we go any cheaper we'll be losing money. We can have a conversation about volume discounts (realistic utilization percentage is part of the feasibility calculation), but as it stands, the prices are as is.

Do you do other work (surveys, design, etc)?

MelioraLabs team members are available for freelance work, but ML itself is not a full-service agency. We're just here to make in-person usability research cheaper, easier, and more accessible. If you're interested in freelance work, reach out to us.

What's with the name?

Meliora (n., adj.) To make better. The Latin root of "ameliorate". What we're trying to help companies do. Also borrowed lovingly (along with the color scheme) from our founder's alma mater.

Who's behind this?

You can learn more about our founder on his personal website. Outside of MelioraLabs, he's also available for freelance work.

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